What'cha cookin'? I can smell it.

My famous cookies! I’ve been told they’re so good that one lady almost died after taking a single bite! It was just that good! :) Want one?

Three things I despise:






Meet me behind the building, I'm a little boulder there. ;)

How many rocks does it take to change a light bulb?

None, you dimwit.

When's the best time you like to hang out?

Any time you want. ;)

Life is good! How's it been treating you? *smiles*

Horribly. I slipped and fell into a puddle right after I learned that someone smashed my window into pieces.

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“But dude, you could totally have just walked around school and say you were Rockman! Do you realize how many times Jill and I got asked to get water for our friends?”

I’m going to assume just about as many times as I’ve been told I’m beautiful. And believe me, I’ve lost count. ;)

thecarefreefarmer replied to your post: Of all the names in existence, why is yours ‘Rock’?

“Oh, don’t listen to them anyways, Rock. I mean, Rockman is known as Rock for short too and look how awesome he is.”

Oh, I’ve heard in passing that my parents named me Rocko de Lara. But I can’t be sure about that, considering all the times they’ve mistakenly referred to me as a girl before.

thecarpentersapprentice replied to your post: Of all the names in existence, why is yours ‘Rock’?

(( if i still rped ruby i woulda said something clever /sob))

I’ll take clever to be synonymous to embarrassing, so \O/

Of all the names in existence, why is yours 'Rock'?

Well, I don’t tell this to just anyone, but let’s just say it had something to do with my pregnant mother, a 2,000-foot tall mountain, a hat, and a jar of peaches.


Hello! My name is Rock, and well, I'm awesome. I have adopted the idea of sexual abstinence, and will stay pure for the rest of my life (or until my sister threatens me into having children). I am pro-feminism, and if you'd like to join my support group, feel free to call me!
My number is 1-888-GRLPWER.

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